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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Day 9 - Parklife AROO AROO

OK time for a Parkrun (well it is Saturday), which seems to be booming here in Basingstoke. Today there were 152 runners, I'm not sure if that includes someones Dad on a bike, or a baby being pushed the 5k? Actually, I'm not sure they may '10 runs' t-shirts that size ....

Today was a chance to wear my Spartan Race T-Shirt - I know it's sad, but I really enjoyed that race and the  Tee feels good (anyone know a good therapist?)

And no, I didn't race with my eyes shut - its just I always seem to blink when a photo is taken - if only I could use those powers for good.

Today was not a Personal Best (that's not a surprise), but took 30 seconds off last week which is not bad (Something must be working).

Once we all recovered from the run, that is the post run coffee in town or as I call it Breakfast! I finally snuck in to the Sports Centre for another quick bike ride. I set the profile to something out of an 80s bombing run arcade game and set off.

I managed 5Km in about 13 mins with the settings set to 9 (I have no idea how those rate), but it felt like a good work out (Ok well I was has hot and sweaty at least).

That's it for today's training, unless the car breaks down :)

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  1. Oy that's my car you're talking about!