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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Day 12 - Sickness sucks

So, all quiet for the last few days - what happened?

Well Sunday, was rather full. Went to the hospital again to see my friend (who is doing a whole lot better) so I missed out on the 'Calamity Jane' auditions - but I gather my friends had a great time and congratulations to all those got parts and commiserations to those that didn't.    

After that I went up to the 'Gorilla's Secret Dance Party' with Dave (he's going to keep me in-check with training so I don't do any to stupid - or at least be there to video me being stupid as the case may be).

While I was up there I caught up with Sam and grabbed a spare gorilla suit (from now it will be referred to as Geraldine). Finally while at the Dance Party I have to recommend one of the acts 'MC Xander' who created live audio loops including a live-mix of 'You can call me Al' - really amazing.

In the mean time my body was conspiring against me, I felt a little off in the afternoon but thought I would ride it out.

Yeah, Right! Monday morning - yukk, attack of lurgy and that takes me up to now. Hopefully get things together for the weekend as i'm running in the 'Blacks Single-Track 10K'.

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