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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Day 17 - Part 2

Ok finished in 56:10 - not too shabby (Peter my 5k was 27mins - so no PB today) - the last 3k I befriended another runner Michael who was slowing down and kept him going (never give up - never surrender) as its a team sport.  Ok the winner did it in 39 minutes (and it was a girlie that beat everyone else)  - wow!

The views are superb, but with every good view there has to be a hill and a valley - and trust me there was - I will never look at Lord of the Rings again the same as they climb the steps to Mordor (Monster killer steps).

Note to self - muddy tracks and running trainers equals slippage, oh and here are a picture of the two cheeky monkeys and a gorilla - cheers guys :)

Now to get back to learning lines ...

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