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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Day 24 - Flapjack is a food-group (honest)

My!, that was a busy 24 hours....

  • grew new feet
  • become a lot hairier & climbed a sky-scraper (ish)
  • ran for the love of flapjacks!

OK, in English ... what does that mean?

Well, my old Nike trainers (good friends for the last 18 months) have to go, I realized after last weeks Blacks 10k that apart from slipping on the mud a bit that the tips of the toes on my right foot were bruised (I decided not to upload a picture). This is not good (and rather sore), so after  pitch inspection I discovered that they were rather snug about my toes so unfortunately they have had to go :(

Since the weather is not going to improve (it's nearly winter dammit), and sliding on leaves is rather too close to sliding on mud (not to mention HellRunner next month) I decided I needed some help, so I went to Fast Forward to get their help. I had a chance to make use of their gait analysis tools too, very odd seeing how you run ... I finally bought a Salomon Trail shoes (you'll get to hear about those later).

We had to dash home afterwards to get ready for a friends Sci-fi wedding. It was a really well fantastic event, and very touching how they integrated all the elements into the ceremony. As part of the day they asked for attendees to wear some element of Sci-fi as part of the day ... how could I resist ... with the head of Geraldine, some gorilla gloves and a blonde wig my wife and I turned up to the reception as 'King King' and 'Fay Wray'.

Here's a picture of 'King Kong' dancing with the bride

Finally back to the flapjacks, another of those 'run to somewhere and get fed/watered' days. This time it was to see Petra and family and we were offered some of her fantastic flapjacks. So armed with my new trail shoes and the 'My Tracks' application on my phone I headed off for a run (with my ever supportive wife following on bike).

We got there, had a great chat (did I mention flapjacks?), they gave us a lift back to 'The Way Inn' for a smashing lunch (mmm Roast pork nom nom nom) and then rather fuller we made our way back home.

I had never used the My Tracks application before, but will in the future - it really is very good giving great feedback on how you are performing as well as mapping where you went.

So, according to the gadget today I ran 14km in about 1:20 (admittedly it was in two parts though) which makes me feel better for tracking progress this week.

I realize the next couple of weeks are going to be hectic with work and an amateur show; so training is going to be sporadic - but I hope a combination of Parkrun and Festival Place 5k (next Sunday) will help.

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