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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Day 115 - Darth Molly

Right just a quick blog today (it's been a busy day for my Mum for soooo many reasons with trips to Hospital and various things).

Before all that kicked off I went for a short doggie run (Molly this time), who forever more be known as "Darth Molly" due to her insistence to run with a stick longer than her and wielding it like a light-sabre.
Darth Molly in action.
Not the best run as I may have over-done it slightly on the sauce last night at the Salsa Party (my bad), but it did remind me of the 'Midnight howling' yesterday at IceMan where with ten minutes to go all the doggies were gee-ing each other on, a most amazing sound.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Day 114 - The Iceman sort of wenteth

Today was the third in the 'ASICS Off Road Series' aka 12 Km of Trail running in more Army woods in Surrey.

Another Gorilla sighting ... how surprising ...

This means more runners with doggies (there should be more of this) and another race T-Shirt (it's filling up the wardrobe). No rivers this time, just hills and some mud (not up to the waist luckily). Both Helen and Nick were there to support me for the race (and take a few piccies) - thanks guys your support was really great.

The race was two laps of the woods so it was a good chance to see how the pace changes over the laps. First one was 35 mins and the second lap 40mins - this made my average running time around 10kph. This still fits with the runs over the last week but I really want to get the time back up to about 11-12kph like it was before the Christmas flu, i'm sure it'll improve I just need to be patient.

A while ago I bought the Salomon Trail shoes after having a gait analysis - today proved that they are supporting my feet better than my normal running trainers, so I get the feeling a new pair of road trainers will be bought soon with pronation support. Actually, the weird thing was that as I ran any oddness in my ankles from running this week disappeared even though I was still running.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Day 111 - Is my phone on?

Lunch run #2 today (I now have a locker key at work - strangely exciting) so once I got all my gear together (trackies, ipod, phone etc.) off I went. The phone is important as its got the MyTracks application which has proven really useful.

Half way round the park my phone reminded me that its a phone not a GPS tracker ... BRINNNGGGG ... off it went .. so I had to pause the run. Once I restarted the run I had warmed down a bit so a tad creaky for the second half.

But, the great news was that even with the break my average running speed was closer to 12 Kph as I wanted. It does seem odd running during lunch as you can bump into colleagues while outside, and then catch up with them afterwards at the office.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Day 110 - My Plank don't work

Good, two days on from my 'coffee-run' and the world is still turning and I don't walk like a LEGO man, so really pleased.

I gather the proper term for yesterday was a 'rest day', I thought it was an excuse to not do much in the evening - but now my between fitness laziness has a proper term I feel much better (I must have been resting a whole lot over Christmas then!!!).

Tonight I went back to the gym (well I might as well check it's still there) to do one of Pete's Circuit Classes; he has the last session of the day so can extend it to nearly 1.5 hours where the last 20 minutes are warm down. I find that they are a great way to stretch everything that you thought you could stretch and a few bits more. I just can't keep a 2 minute plank - while everyone else could :(

Halfway through I had a surprise visit from my wife (Mrs. Gorilla) as she popped by after she had beaten up the various machines downstairs, I suggested she joined in, she suggested I did something else - so she did some stretches and went off home (after a shower I hope).

After the Circuit Class, I decided to warm down on the treadmill - with the challenge of trying to train myself to run a consistent 12Kph - which over shorter distances (ParkRuns etc.) I have no problem doing but I need to build up for distance, so only ran 2Km  and called it a night.

So, that's it for today - time to log off and get some kip.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Day 108 - There better be coffee in heaven

Continuing with my cunning plan from last year ... set a suitable target for a run, and hopefully grovel coffee (and sometimes Flapjacks) when you get there. It's incentive driven, and means you get to catch up with numerous friends at the end and enjoy a relaxing coffee afterwards.

mmm ... coffee ... mmm

So, today it's off to Chuckle's House (a.k.a. Adrian) which worked out as about 18km away ... well it shouldn't have been but I went the wrong way in one village and realised when I saw the sign for the place I was meant to be going pointing back the other way (grrrrr... grisel... etc.). To add to the shame my GPS has a lovely 'loop of shame' in it to remind me of what I did - DOH!

It wasn't the easiest today as it was only my third run after flu, but since i'm running in IceMan next Saturday and that's a 12km trail race - I thought I'd better get on with it. I must confess some of the run today was rather more like walking - but once I had recovered I could at least get back up to speed.

Today's lesson though was, take some fluid with you - as I got a bit parched about 12 Km in and had nothing to drink until I got to Chuckle's house for coffee (I know its a diuretic - but he does make amazing coffee) - followed by about 3 cups of water to up the fluids.

Time to recover now methinks .... or maybe i'll just watch Warehouse 13 on Syfy.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Day 103 - A sneaky lunchtime run

OK - Although last night was a good run at the gym - the only ways i'm going to make it there is either:
a) First thing in the morning - ha ha ha! For those that know me, I'm with Garfield for the whole morning thing; or
b) After work - which means getting home about 9pm ... ZZZzzzz ....

So today I took 'Option 3' - run at work during lunch.

Actually not too bad, the weather was good; and once out there it was nice (but a bit odd). I know a few others run at lunch time at work, but completely missed them. I am really getting to like the MyTracks on my phone as the real time stats is great - and it also helps sort out the 'How far? I  don't believe you' comments quickly as it overlays the route on a google map.

So, lets see what the weather is like tomorrow ... I might go for another run....

Monday, 10 January 2011

Day 102 - First bit of training of 2011

Blahhhh! - that's a technical term (honest).

Since Christmas Day i've had flu (real flu - not man flu), so today was my first chance to get back to the gym and  get back to some training.  It's taken over two weeks to recover which means no training ... not much of anything really.

Tonight was mainly a combination of running and cycling - only 9k in total, but a start. I don't feel too bad either so, something must be working right.

Right time to relax and watch Mars Attacks!