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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Day 146 - Pedal your Pace ...

Phew ... just about recovered from the half-marathon on Sunday, and time to hit the gym again.

I got an email today reminding me i've got a Duathlonon Sunday, and surprise!!! it's back at Dorney Lake again so back to the laps of the really flat track but this time with bikes and running. Time to train on the bike again then.

Tonights challenge ... how far can I now cycle in an hour? The answer 30.35 km - which really makes me feel good about Sunday as the flat route should be similar to the gym.

Then off to the running treadmill - then it went wrong ... how? well about 2 k into the run .... I needed a pee, and the toilets are a distance from the gym so it kinda killed off my run :(   oh well, next time 'go before we leave'.

The other great news is that the great people at Lush in Basingstoke are going to host a Charity Pot Party!  where all the proceeds (minus VAT) from the sale of their Charity Pot body lotion will go to the Gorilla Organization.

How cool is that!!!

So March 12th (provisionally) come to Basingstoke Lush and buy up their Charity Pots !!!

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