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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Day 138 - Exercise really makes you feel your age

Phew ... back from gym now ... after todays challenge.

I realized i'm a couple of weeks away from my birthday today (amazing how you can forget these things) - so I thought I'd do a crazy Tuesday challenge of exercising my age in km (This would be where Nancy calls the men in white coats).

I thought about what exercises to do, and decided on a combination of running, cycling and rowing; which originally seemed a great idea. However, about 5k into running I realized I was only about 1/7 through the challenge and I was starting to run out of Lucozade (crisis) so I started to break up each mile of running with a short break to recover and drink, then restart - amazing it really helped and got me through the first part.

Then off down to the bikes ... about 2k in my iPod died, I hope is the battery - but think I may have killed it by sweating - I seem to be the kiss of death to mp3 players in this area. I can't help it ... I do not perspire ... neither do I glow ... I sweat.

Finally once the cycling was done, off the to rowing machines. The more I try to row the more I am impressed by how Dave Holby managed to row around the planet on a static rower, I just managed the 4 k and was glad it was over ... he did 10,000 as many k - so why am I complaining?  

Strangely, I feel rather good after tonights epic session ... will see how I am in the morning.

For those that are curious:
11 k run in 61 minutes, 22 k bike ride in 45 minutes and 4k rowing in 19 minutes.

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