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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Day 135 - Just a chat between friends

A mostly quiet day, after much duvet-based deliberation I finally conceded to going todays Parkrun, was touch and go though.

Also, taking so long to decide what i'm doing meant no chance to run/cycle in - which was probably good after last night (Day 130). When I got there I caught up with Peter a good friend who I persuaded to do Parkruns last year, and now has done a lot more than me ... (great work Peter).

I decided to pace myself today, and run with Peter at a reasonable (not flat out pace), and it worked really well. I remember a comment from a trainer a while back 'If you can manage 6-7 word conversations while running then your V02 (still not sure what that is yet) is about right, so we did just that.

We did have to stop twice on the way though because of injury, not ours though, one of the kids who was running sprained an ankle so we stopped to help him along, and get him back to the start (Parkruns are nice like that).

Still feeling good given i've run 15k, and cycled 20k in the last 24 hours....

lets see what can happen tomorrow....

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