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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Day 143 - Unleash the inner furry

Boy, what an exciting day!

Today was the 'Race Your Pace' event from 'Human Race' (I seem to be doing a lot of their events at the moment). It's a great idea where there are pace setters that run at specific speeds from 8 min/miles upto 12 min/miles, and then you run against these.

It was my first ever 1/2 marathon today, and to add to that I decided to run the 1/2 marathon as a gorilla (well, almost) - I ran in the body of the suit, but not the head. I'm waiting for an alternative head for running with better air-flow.

Before the race ... with my new shiny running top.
As I was changing into the costume, and putting on the running top, I was asked by someone 'So, who are you running for?' .... I was tempted to say 'The Boy scouts' - but didn't.

As I had no MP3 player working at the moment the whole run was without a soundtrack (which normally helps me set the pace) so I plodded on it. I seemed to be setting about a 10min mile consistently over the whole race which was great.

While running there was a chance to use some 'Naked Gun' type humour as I was asked by runners ... 'You must be hot' ... to which I generally replied 'Thanks, I have been working out'

As I reached the final mile I realized that the 10 min mile pace-setter was catching up ... so I hoofed it up a bit in the last section.

OK, so the hair went a bit 'Chuckle Brothers' after the race

I also got a chance to meet up with many other of the VLM runners including a number of first time racers - good to compare stories :)

Also at the end was a seminar organised by Lucozade Sport on Marathon training, so went along to that one too. The good news is that i'm heading in the right direction with my training, the bad news ... I may have to increase the mileage a bit.

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