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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Day 128 - Am I the Missing Link?

I have to stop doing some of these races, as the cupboard is filling with race t-shirts. Today was 'TuffMan' the  final part of the ASICS 'Off-Road' series an 8km race in the middle of East Sussex (aka miles from home and an early start on a Saturday again).

I've enjoyed the series of races organised by the 'Human Race' and normally I grab a photo of me wearing part of a gorilla costume, then change back for race; today however I decided to run as a gorilla for the whole event (did I mention it was cross-country?)
Before the race, full-on Gerald
What gorilla? I don't see any gorilla
The weather was on my side to start off with, as it was a bit blowy and drizzly, and lots of comments like 'must be warm in there...' etc. As the race went on though it got a bit tricker as the mud/drizzle started to attach to the suit, and it did get a bit warmer.

On the first lap though I slipped and fell (first time ever in any event). I had taken the gorilla head off at the time to help with the airflow - so it wasn't a 'wardrobe malfunction' just mud. The fall was not too bad but shook me slightly.

Nearly done ....

Phew - finished
The response from all the other runners was great - they were so supportive  for the guy running in a gorilla suit and this really helped - thanks all!

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