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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Day 129 - Shopping

With a gorilla suit in the wash (yes I do have more than one) its time to run as me for some  training today. I'm a little conscious of the grazes to both knees, but feel I really need to do at least some more training as me to clock up a few more miles - but what excuse can I use ....

I know ... shopping  ... so, i'll run to the shops, meet my wife and after the shopping run home. Yep that'll do.
I managed to beat the car back home - which was fab - then found out that although we left at the same time (YAY) , my wife read a magazine and eat a chockie bar before heading off (not so-yay).

I also needed to check out what the effect of wearing a costume did for running times, and came up with this:

Time for the Peter Snow voice:
" Just a bit of fun, but ...'
So, a marathon is about 42.2km, it means as a gorilla I could finish about 4:45, but without the suit I could finish in just over 4 hours.

Hmm, enough maths - time for a cup of tea.

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