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Monday, 7 February 2011

Day 130 - 10:1 I'm going to feel it in the morning

We all know where cunning plans go ... today was definitely Baldrick Monday.

My first 'cunning' plan was to go for a run at lunch-time, you know get a few more miles in. Well the weather looked a bit ropey but I though why not, I can't arrange the weather in April so take it as it comes.

I went off to the car and collected my gear and then just as I was dropping off my jacket at my desk ... argh !!!  Problems and questions from the team, and being my generally helpful self I continued with these until I realized I'd missed my chance for a lunch time run.

Never mind, I'll go to the gym later, and go for a run then. Hang on gym ... where's my card? oh no I must have left it at the race at the weekend - so off I trot to get a replacement before heading in. So ... running time ... Nope :( all the treadmills are in use, no worries I'll go for a cycle.

I then remembered that i've got a dualathlon later in the month 5km run, then 20 km cycle, then 5km run to complete - so why not go for a 20 km cycle then go for a run. Well, I managed the cycle in 44:57 (boy did I push that last km to break 45 minutes) and then headed off to the treadmills, attack of the Baldricks again as I normally run in shorts while inside and trackies outside, but ho hum i'll wear them inside ...  guess what NO. Why? well they have a mesh inside and those knees from the weekend still feel a bit raw - and the trackies had a moderate cheese-grater effect so I only ran 2k in the end.

While I was there though I caught up with Joe, an excellent trainer and motivator who helped me prepare for the gorilla run in 2009 - so it's not all bad.

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