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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Day 196 - Base camp established ...

So now it's the final push ... as I write this the London Marathon web site lets me know that there are only a couple of days to go ...

Today I signed I collected my running number from the massive expo event at Excel - and then a couple of hours later I collected a new number ... Ok, so this is what happened, back in 2010 I contacted 'Guinness World Records' to see if there is a registered record for running a marathon 'dressed as a gorilla'? They did a lot of checking and got back to me letting me know there is one for 'running a marathon dressed as an animal' so I would be competing with that one.  The downside of that one was the current record is 3:30 - and only after the last couple of races have I realised that this time - "No, I can't manage that yet" (I add yet).
So, I let them know Guinness know ... but somehow Virgin wasn't updated - so now I have a green number '28539' no longer 39900; this means I have to sort out the final details with Pete and Dave but all systems are go!

The Expo was amazing - and given the collection of toys/products/advice i'd suggest it to anyone considering any kind of distance race. There is no entrance fee - so if you are doing any race over the next year, i'd suggest just go and learn lots from there (Why isn't the Expo in October - when you get your place?).
I also got to meet @LardyBoy2011 and @theredsquirrel two of my friends on twitter who are running in the Virgin London Marathon.

I also met a great guy 'Uli Kilian' who is planning to solve 100 Rubik cubes while running the marathon! seriously, I thought it was tough in a suit, he's got a suit a hundred puzzles to solve AND carry. Check out his website for information on the run (and how to sponsor him).

What kind of person runs 26 miles in a strange suit
 ... oh yeah ...  I retract that one.
While sorting out my revised running number Helen filled out her entry for the 'Virgin Poetry Competition', I hope I dont't muck up her chances by adding this - but I was so touched by what she wrote I had to share.
Helens rather touching poem for the Virgin poetry competition 

Every tuft of gorilla fluff,
Every time I said "that's enough!"
Every time my heart swells in my chest
Every race he tries his best
Every penny raised by friends
Every step a means to an end
Every race is tough, but
Everyone's better off.

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