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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Day 194 - I am not a number ... or hang on ...

Less than 5 days to go ...

LEGO 'GorillaMan' to the rescue
Days are counting down to the Marathon ... and it's getting really exciting; the last day has seen some  amazing things happen:
  • The run with Pete with excellent fun yesterday, still giggling at the video we made yesterday, and made it over 555 Km in training 
  • My fundraising made it past £2000! Completely beyond anything I ever imagined - thank you everyone.
  • I was asked by the fellow Simians at 'Go Ape' to write for the BananaBlog, which was published today.
I'm keeping an eye on the weather (as I gather is the pattern for the last week), and looking forward to the Expo on Thursday ... right ... back to the carbs ... nom nom nom.

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