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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Day 184 - Never leave a man behind ...

Yikes - It's now April ... only a couple of weeks to go...

So after last week's injury from the Breakfast Run, I have spent the week trying to rest the leg (and also work has been busy) it was crunch time to see if the rest helped. This took the form of the ParkRun on Saturday morning; I was unsure of how things would develop - so I thought I'd see how a 5Km run affected my left leg (or vice-versa). To say the least I was rather nervous.

As usual Pete was there at the run, I persuaded him to join-in about a year ago - and since then he's done more ParkRuns than I have (guilty face), my excuse is all the other events I have done, but the running total on the ParkRun website always reminds me of this.

My plan was a comfortable 5Km at about my long-distance pace, so about 9-10 minute miles, as I've noticed that my distance running is slower but more consistent at this pace. If this worked with no pain then things were looking up !!!.

So, I ran with Pete ... we chatted ... we kept running ... chatted more ... overtook a few people while still chatting and kept on running. In the final straight Pete slowed slightly to let me finish before him, but I wasn't going to let that happen so I shoved him forward. I was pleased to say I came 72'd and Pete came in at 71st.

Something I have noticed over the last six months (crikey ... just worked it out on my fingers) is just how much time is taken up preparing for something as huge as your first ever marathon. The training plans give you an idea of the training required, but not of the work done around it or the time spent preparing for the events. I know that I have had to sacrifice a large part of my social life to prepare over the last 6 months, and with this don't get round to seeing all the friends I normally would at play rehearsals, at the cinema or even down the pub.

You do notice their absence (hopefully they notice yours) and although there are all the social media gadgets to keep people in contact (The irony in not lost on me as I submit a blog to be read on Facebook and Twitter) ... but nothing actually beats meeting up in real life. I prefer to chat with people without the need for a keyboard, and to see the expressions on their faces as you compare stories.

It's for that reason that Pete finished before me - as just 'being-there' on a day when I was feeling a bit 'wobbly' cheered me up and helped me focus on the right things.

I now feel so much more prepared for London ... and just have a couple of remaining tasks to do and then it's  all systems go...

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