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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Day 191 - Using my powers for good ...

Down to the the last week now ... EXCITING!

OK, so the taper is going well (really lazy, but I like the idea of a technical term for it), but I do feel like I another ParkRun or something ....

Hmmm, well the original plan for Saturday morning was to do just that - but then I remembered that I really should head off into town and pay-in some of the donations I have already received to the bank. Lets see, they open at 9am and the run is at 9am ... hmm, run but leave loose cash in the car ... bad, get the money paid in and do something else ... good.

But what run to do ...?

Well I woke up at 7am (darn it - my body won't let me off even on a Saturday) and had the solution ... you see my wife (The ever supportive Helen) wasn't feeling too well the day before, and I remembered that she really loves American style pancakes (If there was an IHOP in this country - i'd never see her again) so I decided to run to the local McDonalds and get her some pancakes and maple syrup and then bring them back for her.

So, carefully sneaking out the house ... armed with an iPod and a Camelback ... off I went. I knew it was going to be good when the first track on the pod was 'Song 2' ... and off I went.

I got a funny look from one of the other customers as I was obviously in running gear,yet  going for food in McDonalds ... pah! After quickly drinking the orange juice it was time to head back home ...

When I got back in, Helen was still asleep ... so armed with a cup of tea and a some pancakes I snuck back upstairs to surprise her ... I think I may have redeemed some of the brownie-points I owe her (she's been to nearly every training event since October) and the day was set up to be great.

In the afternoon a photographer from the 'Basingstoke Gazette' visited, and asked me to run-around the close and do star-jumps for some photos in the full suit (I look forward to the paper on Thursday).

In the evening we planned a 'Pasta Party' for friends to come over and chill - as it's the quiet before the excitement next week - and Dave Holby came over ... he'll be wearing the other Gorilla costume next week-end. It was the first time he got to meet 'Geraldine' ...

Finally, on Monday I'll be catching up with Pete, the guy who will be wearing the banana costume that the two gorillas will chase, and hopefully we'll go for a lunchtime run together in costume (there is a medical need for photos).

So next week lookout for the following trio:

  • Banana being chased by two gorillas (Pete Elliott, running for CLIC and The Helen Bamber Foundation)
  • Gorilla in pink tu-tu (that's me, running for the Gorilla Organization);
  • Gorilla in pink bra (Dave Holby, running for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Only a week to go ... I hope it's not too hot.

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