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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Day 111 - Is my phone on?

Lunch run #2 today (I now have a locker key at work - strangely exciting) so once I got all my gear together (trackies, ipod, phone etc.) off I went. The phone is important as its got the MyTracks application which has proven really useful.

Half way round the park my phone reminded me that its a phone not a GPS tracker ... BRINNNGGGG ... off it went .. so I had to pause the run. Once I restarted the run I had warmed down a bit so a tad creaky for the second half.

But, the great news was that even with the break my average running speed was closer to 12 Kph as I wanted. It does seem odd running during lunch as you can bump into colleagues while outside, and then catch up with them afterwards at the office.

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