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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Day 108 - There better be coffee in heaven

Continuing with my cunning plan from last year ... set a suitable target for a run, and hopefully grovel coffee (and sometimes Flapjacks) when you get there. It's incentive driven, and means you get to catch up with numerous friends at the end and enjoy a relaxing coffee afterwards.

mmm ... coffee ... mmm

So, today it's off to Chuckle's House (a.k.a. Adrian) which worked out as about 18km away ... well it shouldn't have been but I went the wrong way in one village and realised when I saw the sign for the place I was meant to be going pointing back the other way (grrrrr... grisel... etc.). To add to the shame my GPS has a lovely 'loop of shame' in it to remind me of what I did - DOH!

It wasn't the easiest today as it was only my third run after flu, but since i'm running in IceMan next Saturday and that's a 12km trail race - I thought I'd better get on with it. I must confess some of the run today was rather more like walking - but once I had recovered I could at least get back up to speed.

Today's lesson though was, take some fluid with you - as I got a bit parched about 12 Km in and had nothing to drink until I got to Chuckle's house for coffee (I know its a diuretic - but he does make amazing coffee) - followed by about 3 cups of water to up the fluids.

Time to recover now methinks .... or maybe i'll just watch Warehouse 13 on Syfy.

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