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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Day 110 - My Plank don't work

Good, two days on from my 'coffee-run' and the world is still turning and I don't walk like a LEGO man, so really pleased.

I gather the proper term for yesterday was a 'rest day', I thought it was an excuse to not do much in the evening - but now my between fitness laziness has a proper term I feel much better (I must have been resting a whole lot over Christmas then!!!).

Tonight I went back to the gym (well I might as well check it's still there) to do one of Pete's Circuit Classes; he has the last session of the day so can extend it to nearly 1.5 hours where the last 20 minutes are warm down. I find that they are a great way to stretch everything that you thought you could stretch and a few bits more. I just can't keep a 2 minute plank - while everyone else could :(

Halfway through I had a surprise visit from my wife (Mrs. Gorilla) as she popped by after she had beaten up the various machines downstairs, I suggested she joined in, she suggested I did something else - so she did some stretches and went off home (after a shower I hope).

After the Circuit Class, I decided to warm down on the treadmill - with the challenge of trying to train myself to run a consistent 12Kph - which over shorter distances (ParkRuns etc.) I have no problem doing but I need to build up for distance, so only ran 2Km  and called it a night.

So, that's it for today - time to log off and get some kip.

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