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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Day 51 - Unleash the WildMan (And Save the Human Race)

Back into a race again today as part of training, also to ramp up the distance and see what happens.

Todays race was WildMan over near Guildford; it was a 15Km over Army ground - somehow I knew this was going to hurt. I initially had a choice between the 10 and 15Km runs; so thought I'd have a go at the longer one. 
Gerald gets an outing
Basically, we all did the 10Km lap, with a rather huge pool of water just before the finish/transition (thanks guys),  and then on to the second lap. This lap had rather interesting names on the map like 'A Ridge Too Far', and 'Hurt More Hill' ... and boy was it much more interesting:
  • Waste deep river crossing (brrr it was cold)
  • 6" wide carved river gullies down a steep hill  
  • Steep hills that were made goats not humans
  • Running on lots of sand not solid ground
Running down a more 'shallow' hill
Don't get me wrong - it was excellent fun and plan to do more in the series.
Final Straight ... and still smiling :)

My plan was to see if I can pace myself at about 6 mins per Km; just to show I can pace myself over a good distance - and with a time of about 1:32:39 for the race, I was really pleased that I managed it.

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  1. Nice to meet you Martin. Well done for having a great run. Simon.