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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Day 37 - Breathe dammit

That was rough this morning ... the ParkRuns in Basingstoke use two sites and when something like a firework festival is being set up then they make use of 'Site-B'. For those that remember Jurassic Park - all the extra evilness was reserved for the second film - well the same applies here.

'Site-B' has evil hills (it feels like lots of them), and I'm sure they don't go down as much as they go up.

Looking down an evil hill

Well on the second lap all the yuckness of the cold for the last two weeks caught up and decided to sit on my chest ... not good - oh and my headset died (sadly my Sony Walkman does seem sensitive to sweat - much badness)

As I was slowing down to recover, another runner Matt stepped in did a huge amount of  motivational support and refused to let me slow down and keep breathing ... and it worked.

I really do owe him a lot today, as the motivational element kept me going, and he reduced his placing just to ensure I finished.

Thanks again Matt.

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