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Monday, 21 March 2011

Day 172 - Mr. Lister ... fetch me spare head two

Reading marathon plus one ...

Another late blog entry ... I'm seeing a pattern here, I think it's because as the training is increasing, and the distance longer, the more tired I get - ho hum...

Anyway, back to the blog ...

So, yesterday there were two big reasons:

  • One month since my first half marathon
  • My first run in my new 'custom' gorilla head
The previous night our house was like 'arts and crafts' as we stitched together 'spare head two' - a more breathable gorilla head to run in - time to see how it works out ...

We got to Reading quite early, and caught up with a few colleagues from work beforehand (they did really well in the race - well done all), and then transform into 'GorillaMan'.

GorillaMan - one of the lesser known supers...
I realize it's important to make sure i'm fueled up before a run, luckily they had a drink my size ...
Gorilla-size Lucozade
The race really was really great - an amazing experience for so many reasons, the people of Reading were so enthusiastic calling out 'Come on Gorilla Man' or 'Monkey Man'along the whole race (How come small kids know I'm a gorilla, but the adults think I'm a monkey?). There were live bands playing in peoples gardens, steel bands at the half way point, pub's giving out free beer (honest).
Nearly there ...
The mask worked well, and kept the heat off pretty well, but was still toasty. I was really glad that I had the CamelBack as the 'on-demand' water made all the difference (as well as many water stops) - and a small army of Jelly Babies.

Goodie bag ... and time to head home 
Once month until London ... eeek!

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