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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Day 157 - It's cold up north

Having escaped my monkey suit for the week it's time to catch up with some of my family in Scotland. Getting up here was fun as we tried out the 'Zombe bus' that goes from Victoria to Edinburgh overnight - they then wake you at 3am to go to the toilets at service stations on the M1 (much like being woken in hospital to be given a sleeping tablet). Once we arrived at Edinburgh, we then found out most of the remaining journey will be covered by a replacement bus service - woop! more buses....

Surprisingly, most of yesterday was spent sleeping - this does not bode well for work tomorrow when I get back first thing in the morning.

With much chilling behind me, I decided to go for a long run today (before most of the house was awake) - to add to it I had no real idea of where I can go round here, but after a bit of google maps and some local knowledge I had a basic idea of a 'lap' of the area.

Armed with a Camelback,an mp3 player (my phone as all the others I have killed) and a full packet of Jelly Babies off I went...

The first couple of miles were not pleasant, maybe a combination of disrupted sleep over the last couple of weeks (having been short listed for redundancy screws with the head) or concerns over my Mum's health (Diabetes, heart problems and a blood vessel that blew in her brain 12 months back) or maybe checking that my foot has recovered over the last week...  whatever was going on in my head it started to ease off after a few miles (and a couple of Jelly Babies) and I could then concentrate on running alone.

Most of the running today was on the road as there aren't too many pavements up here, but 99.5% of the drivers were really good at giving me plenty of space on the road, The 0.5% tried to overtake into me to cut a corner (doh!!!)

Today I managed a personal best in distance of 25 Km, which is about 15.5 miles in old money. The timing was not best (probably being careful) but the stamina was there which was fantastic :) A bit more work to do over the next couple of weeks - but a great achievement regardless.

Next time I do something like this I must remember to pack gloves and a hat brrrrr as the wind is a bit nippy up here.

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