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Friday, 4 March 2011

Day 155 - From Monkey Suit to Gorilla Suit

Today I decided to run around the office park at work again - this time in my gorilla costume. So, a 5.4 k run around Green Park (2 weeks until the Reading half-marathon), it only took about 31 minutes. It would have been quicker if I hadn't have stopped at a local cafe for ... guess what .... a banana. The girl in front of me in the queue tried to ignore the fact I was behind her, but she finally cracked when I only bought a banana.

At one point in the run I caught up with another runner who was obviously focussed on running, and when i said 'So, you didn't get the memo then?' as a way of breaking the ice he just went '... huh ...' - so I decided to overtake him and run on to the next bit. (That'll teach him).

Today is probably the last run in the original gorilla head - I have a new (smaller and lighter one) which i'll be trying out for the Reading Half - as it was a bit fruity in there today.

Finally, I must say the response from my work colleagues today was fantastic - lots of encouragement and sponsorship. 

Thanks so much everyone.

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