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Thursday, 13 October 2011

People are so amazing

Last weekend I snuck back in to Basingstoke for a Parkrun. I 've only managed about 14 over the last 18 months, while Peter (a friend I persuaded to join in after a couple of ParkRuns) is up to 49... he's one off that special red t-shirt. He also  persuaded all his family to join in - so he ran with his wife and two children (2 of them on their first ParkRun) - and they all managed it - well done all.

The previous weekend I was supposed to be running in the Basingstoke Half marathon, but due to illness I had to pull out - instead I cycled to the 2/3 mark (just after some evil hills) and gave out jelly babies and cheered the runners on. I know from my runs over the last year how important it is to be cheered on, as it always brightens you up even when you are feeling groggy and everything hurts with miles still to go. 

It reminded me that while reading through twitter over the last couple of weeks how amazing and motivating people are in their achievements, I though I would list a few of them to let you know the things they are up to (trust me there are so many more I could mention).

So, in no particular order:

Simon Buckden (http://www.raceto100.co.uk/) - who completed his 32rd marathon last Sunday in Liverpool. I know that race was tough for him, and is now getting ready for the Amsterdam marathon on Sunday. He served in the army for 12 years, and unfortunately suffered from PTSD, but has turned his misfortune around to raise awareness of this condition as well as the work of  the charity Help for Heroes.

Rob Savavva (http://www.justgiving.com/RobertSavva) - another runner who has set a challenge of multiple marathons (I was absolutely badgered by just doing one in April). His challenge is 1 a month for a year, and like Simon has personal reasons to undertake this task. He is running to raise funds for his Autistic son's special school Newick House in West Sussex. 

Finally, Paul Mather (http://www.runclimb4autism.com) who is planning to run 1000 miles in 2011 and also climbed Stok Kangri earlier in the year. Along with Simon he was running the Liverpool Marathon on Sunday - in gorilla suit!!! (I so know you pain). He also is running for personal reasons to support the National Autistic Society as his nephew has autism. 

I read their stories and am totally amazed by their effort and achievements. But, also back at home the Basingstoke runners who ran the half marathon including Peter whose activities and achievements are just as motivating.

All you guys (and girls) keep this gorilla running - keep it up.

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